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Why ProgressCharter?

Schools have the most important job in the world, ensuring that every child learns the skills needed for a successful future. But that job is very difficult. According to recent reports from, most U.S. students are still not proficient in the "3 Rs" reading, (37%) writing (27%) and arithmetic (25%), even after completing 12 years of schooling! Proficiency is a prerequisite for success in any profession. As a former graduate school professor, I saw far too many students who did not know how to study effectively. Studying or "Self-Teaching," is a complex skill that depends on proficiency in the three Rs, which they had still not mastered, even though they had undergraduate degrees. Sadly, universities are not designed to teach students how to study, much less the 3 Rs. Professors assume that students have already learned these skills in their previous years of schooling. That assumption means that most college graduates, even though awarded the degrees and certifications that employers require, lack the professional expertise needed by employers.

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How it works

EARS: The Pragmatic Change Process



Design and Implement
Recommended Solutions



Product, Progress



Inadequate Performance,
Product, Progress



Changes in Resources,
Training, and Management


Use Your EARS To Change How People Work Together
So That Every Student Makes Efficient Progress.

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  • The Boudreau School

    Here at The Boudreau School we are striving for continuous improvement and technology that increases our ability to make data-based decisions. We are excited to pilot ProgressCharter because of its ability to make timely decisions on programming and evidence-based recommendations for more efficient progress.

  • CBT Counseling Centers

    I'm the executive director of an outpatient mental health practice specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders. I'm interested in pilot testing ProgressCharter because measurement is crucial to optimizing patient outcomes, and ProgressCharter offers a robust, low-clinician-burden measurement system.

  • Lindenwood University

    We are so excited to add ProgressCharter to our program and expect that it will enhance our graduate students' expertise as well as expand the impact they will have with their practicum placement clients.

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frequently asked questions

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Will I be able to individualize my students programming?
ProgressCharter is designed to make that easy.
Will I be able to use the program for group lessons?
Of course. ProgressCharter is tool for evaluating student progress, identifying causes of inadequate progress, which may include inadequate provider resources, training, and/or management. It can be used to evaluate and improve any type of lesson, delivered in any type of format.
Will it make me look bad when students are not making progress?
No! Progress Charter will support students, parents, teachers and their schools by immediately informing them when a student is not making efficient progress, identifying the causes of inadequate progress, recommending changes in provider resources, training, and management so that every student can make efficient progress.It will make you look good.


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